Finance as Science

Promptrade applies a Systematic Approach to Financial Markets,
providing Innovative Solutions to Professional and Institutional Investors

Adaptive Trading Strategies Based On Quantitative Analysis And Algorithms

Analyzing the random behaviour of the market, proprietary strategies have been developed to manage different scenarios

Using cutting edge technology, market casuality has been exploited to find profitable solutions in analyzed underlyings

We aim for costant growth regardless of market behaviours, throught fully automated short term trading systems

Synthetic Financial Index

By applying a systematic and dynamic approach based on market neutrality, volatility and transactions linking, Prompt N1 – PNH operates on both long and short hedging positions.

This strategy operates on major and minor currencies, maintaining a low monetary risk.

Dedicated Research
And Development

Trading systems have been tested with quantitative analysis techniques, both in sample and out of sample, over several years with thousands of transactions performed; this makes the results statistically reliable

All tests were performed by optimizing the risk variables, paying the utmost attention to capital conservation in order to obtain competitive returns

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