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Enhance your Portfolio using Algorithms

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Performances are tracked monthly considering the VAMI (Value Added Monthly Index). It is a performance benchmark that gives investors a way to track the growth of a $1,000 investment in a fund or investment portfolio over time. 

Live from 07/2024. Past performances are not a guarantee of future results.

Algorithms for the Future

Harness the power of PROMPTs, algorithms designed for superior performance

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Our technology connects your trading platforms to our server for a limitless trading experience. Discover the power of proprietary technology for smart and secure trading. Send transactions on selected financial instruments, perfectly balanced for your portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful questions on getting started.

Promptrade provides each client with a personalized trading basket comprising various strategies across multiple underlying assets. Clients can customize the risk level by specifying their preferred degree of leverage for each underlying asset in their basket. The strategies used are adaptable, adjusting to new market volatility and scenarios over time. Our strategies and assets are dynamically rebalanced to ensure a diversified portfolio with a minimum leverage on individual assets.

Trading, like other businesses, is not risk free. Prompts offer you the opportunity to receive our transaction directly on your Metatrader platform. The risks related to Prompts include VPS connection loss (you need one to stay connected to our server 24/7) and poor/negative returns of Prompts.

Yes, you need an account with a broker that supports Metatrader 4/5 platforms. If you don't have one, you can contact us and we will recommend one of our brokers we work with.

Our transaction will be replicated on your account based on your leverage condition choice. They are risk adjusted to your account balance and leverage (max 1:5, selected by you). You will receive all the profit of your own account without paying us any performance fee.

We compare our results to the Hedge Fund industry and Indexes. Our performances are monthly tracked with real/live account. Monthly updates are accessible on this website.

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